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About Dstock

Welcome to D- Stock – the online solution to all your building material requirements!

D- Stock provides solutions to all the dead stock issues in your firm that shrink your valuable space and money. We support you to reach to the customers directly for all kinds of building materials be it hardware, electrical, sanitary, CP fittings or any other through an online platform and mobile app! In addition, we do connect customers directly with all the well-known brands globally for accessing high quality building materials at the whole sale rate that guarantee maximum satisfaction!

We started as a small business in 2016 with our registered office in New Delhi. We have big dreams to cover the whole of India by 2020 and to make our presences in another eight countries by 2022 with live dead stock status and information on latest and qualitative building materials as per customer requirements.

Abiding by the norms of the government and ensuring employ ability to many thousands, we believe in fair deals. The interests of our customers and their satisfaction are top priority for us and we hope you will enjoy this online platform as much as we enjoy making them available to you! Come and experience the difference it paves in your business!


D -Stock pioneers building material services built on e-commerce, sustained by trust and inspired by opportunity. D – Stock brings together lots of people every day on a local and national basis through an array of products that focus on commerce, service and customer satisfaction.


Solving all your deadstock money digitally in a trusted environment for customer satisfaction.